CNN Cans Carlson, Cancels Crossfire

Okay, I admit it--I've always wanted to write an alliterative headline. So sue me.

I don't imagine this will change CNN's media-whoredom any, but it's a start nonetheless.

NEW YORK - CNN said goodbye to pundit Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, and with him likely the "Crossfire" program that has been the granddaddy of high-volume political debate shows on cable television.

CNN will probably fold "Crossfire" into its other programming, perhaps as an occasional segment on the daytime show "Inside Politics," said Jonathan Klein, who was appointed in late November as chief executive of CNN's U.S. network.
It's about time. Crossfire has been crap for a long time, even since before they decided to try to outFox Fox, but in the last couple of years, it has really descended into the crapper. If you want to see what Crossfire used to be, then take a look at this clip from 1986 starring Frank Zappa. There's one connecting thread--No Facts Novak is on both shows, and he sucked as much in 1986 as he does today.

Okay, that's not fair--he's had almost 20 years to perfect his suckitude, so he sucks more today than he did then.

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