Weighing in on the DNC chairmanship

Okay, so no one in the halls of power is waiting to hear what I have to say about this, but hey, I have a blog and I have an opinion, so why hold back?

Many people with a far larger readership than I have have already made far more eloquent cases for Howard Dean than I could hope to make, so let's just say I echo their sentiments and leave it at that.

Here's what I really wanted to say. Word is that the Clintons (no specifics on which one or whether they're doing this together) have said that they'll do whatever they can to ensure that Dean doesn't get the chairmanship. How true is it? No way of telling--after all, the conspiracy theory all during the Kerry campaign had Hillary trying to sabotage it so she could make her 2008 run. Who knew that Kerry would save her the trouble?

But whether they want their own guy (Ickes or now, Lockhart has been floated) because they want to be closer to being in charge or if they just don't like Dean or whatever the reason, here's all I have to say. Stay out of it.

Bill Clinton, I respect the job you did as President. Hillary Clinton, I respect the place you hold as Senator from New York, and I agree with you more often than not, but let's be frank here--your brand of New Democrat/Third Way politics hasn't yielded much electoral fruit outside your personal successes. That's great for you, but not so great for the rest of us. So if you're supporting the same people who have been making decisions for the party for the last few years, then thanks but no thanks.

I said it before and I meant it: if the Democrats pick a chairman from the old school, then they get nothing more from me. All the money I can put toward this sort of thing will go to places like Democracy for America, Moveon and the New Democratic Network. You guys can forget it.

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