Good grief

We, as a nation, have pledged $15 million to help with the relief efforts in southeast Asia to help recovery from one of the greatest natural disasters of recent history, and while that's the largest sum pledged by any nation, it's not the largest per capita.

Meanwhile, we're spending more than double that for Bush's crowning ceremony, I mean inauguration, before we even get to security costs. Gotta love our priorities.

Here's some places you (and I) can send your dough to help out.

Red Cross


Medecins Sans Frontieres

India Relief

I get paid in two days, and some of it's going to these places. We as a nation just indulged in an orgy of commercialism, but there's still no reason that we can't as individuals can't shame our government into providing more to help people in dire circumstances than we do on the coronation of King George the Lesser.

UPDATE: The NY Times is reporting that the US has upped its contribution to $35 million, or roughly what we're spending on the coronation before security costs. It's better, but it's still not enough.

One more update: The new $20 million? It's a fucking line of credit. Jesus H. Christ.

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