Doing unto the opposition

Atrios is suggesting that we on the left ought to do what Brent Bozell and the PTC has been doing to the FCC and is asking for suggestions about who to target. I've got a problem with that.

First off, filing FCC complaints won't hurt the PTC. In fact, I think it will only help them, both in the short and the long term, especially since the groups most of the people in the comments are suggesting targeting (Fox News, anything with Ann Coulter on it) aren't broadcast outlets, but cable outlets. Secondly, as this article from the Washington Post shows, we can't outstupid these people (and we shouldn't want to, either).

Besides, aren't we the side that favors the greatest amount of free expression? Aren't we the side that thinks hypocrisy is a bad thing? Wouldn't we be better off sending emails of support for shows the PTC has targeted to the FCC rather than trying to find our own people to persecute? Just a thought.

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