Can You Say Escalation?

It's the top story on, but it still bears discussing, I think. We're sending more troops to Iraq. We're also extending the tours of four units--over 10,000 soldiers, of whom 3,500 are being extended a second time. I thought we'd broken the back of the insurgency this time--it would be what, the tenth time or so that we've done this?

Yeah--I'm snarky about what the Bush administration calls progress in that unnecessary hellhole. Bite me if you don't like it.

So here's the deal, according to the above-linked article:

The increase of 12,000 troops, which is to last until March, reflects the strength and resiliency of an insurgency that U.S. military planners did not foresee when Baghdad was toppled in April 2003.

Much of the build-up will be accomplished by extending tours for more than 10,000 soldiers who had been due to leave Iraq in the coming months, Army Brig. Gen. David Rodriguez, deputy operations director of the Joint Staff, told reporters Wednesday. The extension means those troops will now serve an average of 14 months in Iraq, two to four months longer than originally expected, officials said.

The military generally is reluctant to extend soldiers’ combat tours because of the potential negative effect it could have on their families, and thus on their willingness to remain in the service. In this case, Gen. George Casey, the most senior U.S. commander in Iraq, decided it was necessary to keep up pressure on the insurgents while also providing security for the elections, Rodriguez said.
Just how many Bush voters--assuming they even read the article in the first place--will catch the bit that I bolded there? There's no excuse for this--the Bush administration was warned by more than one military person that we were getting into more than they thought they were, but they had to listen to their buddy Chalabi and the fucking neo-cons who were smarter than the rest of us.

As I said right after the election--every soldier and every Iraqi who dies after January 20, their blood is on the heads of not only the Bush administration, but also on the heads of every person who voted for their re-election. Don't like the taste of collective guilt? Tough shit. It's not like you didn't know what these assholes were all about. You'd had four years to figure it out.

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