The Barry Bonds story

So Barry evidently used steroids over the past few seasons, and all the holier than thous out there are going spastic over it. Get a life, people.

In the seventies, when I was first coming to the game of baseball, everybody and their grandfather was using speed, if not cocaine, in an attempt not only to get high, but to get better, and I have no doubt in my mind that the great St. Babe Ruth would have (or may have, what the hell do I know?) have taken a swig of Highpoppalorum or Lopoppahirum before the game if he wanted a little extra pop in his bat that day.

Look--taking steroids is a stupid thing to do, no question about it. It fucks your internals up, damages your long term health, and may well shrink your cock to maraschino cherry stem proportions--you have to ask the Governator about that last one, since he's long been open about his past use of anabolic steroids. But in the end, it ought to be a personal choice what you do to or with your body. If you want to get a third arm grafted on so you can use two gloves, hey, it's your body and I don't have to deal with the consequences.

And John McCain? If you're going to pontificate on something, how about it pertain to something important, like the snafu in Iraq that the President you so avidly supported--to your eternal shame, I might add--has gotten us neck deep in. Otherwise, just shut the hell up and try to regain some of your "independence" in time to run for President in 2008.

And personally, I hope Barry smacks both number 715 and 756 next year, and I hope I get to see both of them, just like I saw 700.

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