About that reading

I got an interesting email from someone who caught my C-SPAN appearance. He wrote:

I happened upon the last few minutes of your appearance on c span I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and thru the words of your reading I could tell that you are as well, how heartfelt your words were, how true and telling they were as well, I'm sure any one who's heart was moved by your words will also be moved to listen when a Witness comes to their door or wherever the may meet.
I am glad I found a way to exspress my appreciation for your words.
Your Brother:

I can't tell you how surprised I was to hear this, and how pleased in a way. I haven't been a Witness in over ten years now, and I'll never go back, but when I first started writing about my experiences as a Witness, I found myself lapsing into diatribe more often than not, and while that can be cathartic, it doesn't generally make for good art. I've also long wondered how Jehovah's Witnesses would accept my work--if I would be labeled an apostate or something like that. This is an interesting development.

And in response to the comments a couple of posts down, here's one of the poems I read on that appearance.
Learning to Preach

It is my turn. Until now I have
only walked beside my father
on Saturday mornings while he brings
The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life
to those with ears to hear. But now
I have a truth to tell, a scripture to read:
They will have to know my name is Jehovah,
and I am wearing the special tie Mom bought
for the day I joined the ranks of the faithful.
Last night, I stood before the bedroom door,
knocked like a trembling drum roll—
Mom opened the door and Dad introduced us
and I read the words of Ezekiel the prophet
from a page grimed by sweat where my finger
had marked the page, but when I reached
for my Watchtower, Mom said
No thank you and closed the door.

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