It's my birthday tomorrow, and for the third time, I'll be dealing with a Bush presidency while thinking about my own mortality. To be fair to Poppy, I wasn't politically active when he was elected, nor did I have any real grasp of the issues involved, but there have been plenty of times in the last dozen years or so where the intersection of my birthday and election day has been a real kick in the balls.

Fortunately, some of the anger has passed, and I've become resigned to the idea that we'll have four more years of Bush and at least two more of a Republican congress. Unlike many other bloggers, I'm not as sanguine about the potential for a Republican Civil War anytime soon--power covereth a multitude of fiscal retardedness. It may take a Vietnam/Great Depression type disaster to swing the electorate back from where they are currently, and damn is that going to suck for the people on the bottom. But then again, it always sucks for the people on the bottom, that is, until they storm the castle and hang everyone in it from the ramparts.

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