Statewide Initiatives Part the Second

Proposition 67
This would be a phone tax that will be earmarked for emergency medical services, community clinics funding and reimbursement for uncompensated doctors and hospitals for emergency medical services. I'm actually a little hesitant on this one, but until we get a single payer system in this country that covers everyone, the fact is that the poorest are going to go to the emergency room for basic medical care, and they don't have the money to pay. I'd rather a little less of the money from this proposition was potentially going to private hospitals, but the fact is that private hospitals do much less emergency treatment to be reimbursed for than public ones do, and it's a good example of the power of shared expense. Leaning yes on this.

Proposition 68
This is the first of the Indian gaming propositions to come before the voters, and I'll be damned if I understand even who the players are, much less the issues at stake. I do know that the text of this one makes it sound like the card rooms are trying to move in on the casinos for a slice of the slot machine pie, but I'm not sure how bad a thing that would be. I'm also moved by the Governator's opposition of it to vote for it. But I really don't know. I'm thinking I may just sit this one out.

Proposition 69
Here's where I get all libertarian. This proposition would set up a felons DNA database--sounds good, right? Except that you're required to submit a sample even if you're only arrested and not convicted, and the removal of your DNA from the database would be tricky at best. No thanks.

Proposition 70
Another casino bill. Arnold doesn't like this one either, but I don't know if that's enough to get me to support it. Undecided--might leave it blank.

Proposition 71
Stem Cell Research Funding. A no-brainer. Voting yes.

Proposition 72
Health Care Coverage Requirements--a beautiful piece of legislation. Big companies have been cutting costs and raising profits by eliminating health coverage completely or increasing the employee contribution to the point where it's unaffordable for the average worker who, coincidentally, needs it the most. This referendum will force medium and large employers to provide health coverage and will cap the employee contribution at 20%. If we can't get a single payer system, then this is a good step. Voting yes.

I'll tackle the city initiatives soon.

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