Karma is a bitch

I'm never one to wish bad things to happen to a person, no matter how much of a scum-sucking piece of shit they happen to be--I believe in karmic retribution, after all--which is precisely why I note this article from Broadcasting and Cable that describes a particular form of karmic retribution visited upon a scum-sucking piece of shit.

Just when it’s getting fun, Robert Novak, 73, the veteran columnist and one of the hosts of CNN’s Crossfire is going to be hobbling.

Early Friday morning, the day after the first presidential debate in Coral Gables, Fla., Novak slipped in in his Miami hotel room shower and broke his hip, a source told B&C. Novak and his Crossfire counterpart Paul Begala were in Florida to fire at each other for Thursday's show and to help with CNN's coverage of the debate.


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