Could this be the year?

Once again, it's the Red Sox and the Yankees in the ALCS. Once again, it's the Curse versus the Boss. In a year where the National League playoffs are, well, boring as hell, I'm glad we've got the return of this series in the AL.

Now, I hate the Yankees. Always have. Always will. There's just something about the sense of entitlement that Yankees fans have, and especially that Steinbrenner has, as though there's really only one spot in the World Series up for grabs every year, because the other belongs to the Big Apple.

I've never had a home team in baseball. I grew up in Louisiana, and we didn't even have a minor league team until recently, so I've long adopted other teams to root for. I'm a Cubs fan, largely because they're baseball's version of the New Orleans Saints, and since I'm in San Francisco now, it's hard not to be a Giants fan, especially since I saw Barry hit number 700 in person.

But neither of those teams are in the playoffs this year, so it's time to pick someone else. Can't pick the Dodgers, because they're anathema to the Bay Area. Can't pick the Astros, because they nosed out both the Giants and the Cubs, and besides, they're from Texas. And I'm just tired of the Braves. I've got no real beef with St. Louis, but they don't inspire me either.

But the Red Sox. They feed into every passion I have. The underdogs. The downtrodden. The guys who for whatever reason have just been snakebitten for longer than most people have been alive. And I've got a shirt already.

Last year, my brother-in-law silk screened some t-shirts that say "F the Yanks. Boston 2003." I have a couple of them, and I've broken them out already. I hope I haven't jinxed them already.

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