California Endorsements

Over the next week, I'm going to post my endorsements for the California elections I'll be voting on in roughly two weeks. I don't expect anyone to follow my suggestions--I'm doing this mainly to force myself to wade through the three voter information booklets I've gotten in the mail. Some of the initiatives and propositions I feel strongly about, many I don't understand or care about, and I reserve the right to use the "if Arnold likes it, I don't" logic in forming my opinion.

I'll take the easy ones first.

Barbara Boxer, Senate--I fell in love with this woman after I saw her give the Republican leadership all kinds of shit during the farce that was the debate over the approval of federal judgeships. She's as tough as Mary Landrieu, who I voted for in 1996, but she's more liberal.

Nancy Pelosi, House of Representatives--does she even have an opponent? I don't think so. She'll win in a walk regardless, but the election I really hope she wins is the one for Speaker of the House next January. It's about time we had a woman high up in the chain of accession to the Presidency.

Tomorrow, Statewide initiatives 59-66.

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