The Killian Memos

Are they forgeries? I don't know. And I don't care, personally. But if it turns out that they are, I'm gonna be pissed at CBS for one simple reason. They'll have reopened the debate on whether or not the "liberal media" exists.

The "liberal media" doesn't exist, of course. It's been debunked by people far more informed than me and I'm not going to go into the details. Read the books on the subject and argue with the authors if you want.

But after making some real headway into the destruction of the "liberal media" meme over the last couple of years, suddenly CBS has reopened it, and because of the particular way it has been reopened--especially if the memos end up being forged--CBS is now going to be unable to criticize George W. Bush for the rest of this campaign without the wingnuts dismissing it as "liberal bias." And the other media outlets--who are already doing a weak job at best--will be worried about backlash as well. Our jobs just got harder.

I have one hope--well, two. Either the memos will be proven to be legitimate, or the forger will turn out to be a Republican operative in the pay of someone connected to Karl Rove. I'm not holding out much hope for either.

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