Has Kerry grown a set?

Damn. If he makes statements like this the rest of the way in, I might not have to take a shower after voting for him in November.

In his statement Sunday, Kerry complained that Cheney "continues to intentionally mislead the American public by drawing a link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11 in an attempt to make the invasion of Iraq part of the global war on terror.

"The president needs to answer the question: Who do you think is right? Vice President Cheney or Secretary Powell? And if it's Secretary Powell, will you direct your vice president to stop misleading the American people?"

Cheney has been shamefully making the connection for years now--3 to be exact--and it's no truer now than it was in 2001.

Now if only Democrats in general would get past their abhorrence of the word "lying," we might get somewhere, because there's really no other way to describe what Cheney does every time he links Iraq and al Qaeda. It's not "misleading;" it's not "obfuscation;" it's lying, plain and simple, and it's past time that someone high up in the Democratic party called him on it. Preferably to his face.

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