Daily Show audience smarter than O'Reilley's

Okay, so this really isn't much of a surprise, but apparently, Jon Stewart was on "the Factor" a while back and O'Reilley said "You know what's really frightening? You actually have an influence on this presidential election. That is scary, but it's true. You've got stoned slackers watching your dopey show every night and they can vote."

Comedy Central wondered about the intelligence level of their audience, so they did a little research.

Viewers of Jon Stewart's show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch "The O'Reilly Factor," according to Nielsen Media Research....

Comedy Central also touted a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey, which said young viewers of "The Daily Show" were more likely to answer questions about politics correctly than those who don't.

Comedy Central had no statistics on how many people watch "The Daily Show" stoned.

I know who I'd rather get my news from.

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