Classy folks, these Bush supporters

First it was this guy kicking a female protestor who was defenseless on the floor of the Republican National Convention, and now it's a group of rowdies at a Kerry campaign rally shouting down a 70 year old woman who'd had several throat surgeries.

This was the most polarized event I have seen on the trail with supporter of President Bush yelling throughout Senator Kerry's speech and the candidate's supporters shouting back and the candidate hitting back on the stump. There were approximately fifty Bush supporters, including a very vocal group of about ten who were drinking lots of Busch beer. Senator Kerry stayed on message and delivered a short and focused speech, taking questions instead of talking endlessly to the crowd.

Now of course, something like would never happen at a Bush event, mainly because you get whisked away by the Secrete Service if you're not a loyalty-oath signing, praise-Jesus Bushite. But Busch beer? Punny or not, how can you drink that shit?
The Bush supporters did not let up shouting while an elderly woman who had several throat surgeries tried to tell her tale, prompting Senator Kerry to say to the cameras and the crowd, "While the Bush people were rudely shouting...a 70-year old woman was trying to tell the story of how she has to go out and work because she needs to take pills."

Like I said--classy.

In many of the forums where I spend far too much time, people are constantly claiming that Kerry's too busy talking about Vietnam to talk about real issues. Maybe they're not hearing him talk about real issues because they're too busy shouting down 70 year old women with bad throats and kicking women while they're on the ground.

P.S. I know I'm painting with an awful broad brush here, and I'm not trying to imply that all Bush supporters are these kinds of goons--but I certainly haven't heard anyone stepping up and calling these assholes out so far.

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