Kerry on the Daily Show

Okay--I don't have cable (as I have mentioned before) and so I must rely on the good graces of the people at the Comedy Central website to see clips of the Daily Show. What this generally means is that when something happens, like Stewart interviews the former President of the US, or the current Democratic nominee, I am at the mercy of their web people.

What it also means is that I get to hear the reviews from the people who inhabit various websites, both pundits and news junkies alike, and one thing I kept hearing over and over again was how badly Kerry tanked the Daily Show appearance. I heard it over and over--Kerry was dull, Kerry needed to tell better jokes, Kerry looked French, blah blah blah.

I don't get it. What were these people expecting? That Kerry would suddenly be transformed into a white Chris Rock? That there was something in the water at the Comedy Central studios that imbued you with a jolt of funny? Personally, considering Kerry's general stiffness in front of an audience from what I've seen on tv--and I've seen a lot of him on tv over the last year--I thought Kerry was relaxed and reasonably amusing.

And what's more important, he seemed in control. He had an air of competence about him. He wasn't putting on some bullshit, macho, tough guy pose like Bush was in his press conference this past week, appearing with his national security team dressed in jeans and a big belt buckle.

Idiots in the media helped sell George W. Bush as "the guy you'd rather have a beer with," as though he were just a regular guy. I don't want a regular guy. I want someone extraordinary. I know regular guys who line dance to Clarence Carter's "I Be Strokin'", for fuck's sake. Most regular guys are morons when it comes to the wider world. We've had four years of an intellectually "regular guy" in the White House, and look where it's gotten us. No thanks.

So I'm glad that Kerry was what he was on the Daily Show. He was John Kerry--stiff, stable, and competent. If he'd suddenly been the funniest guy on the show, I'd have been very, very worried.

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