Deja Vu

Remember late last year when Howard Dean was asked if the capture of Saddam Hussein made America safer? He answered quickly, bluntly, logically, and correctly that the answer was no. He was decried by many in the media, and most especially by his fellow "Democratic party" presidential candidate, Holy Joe Lieberman, who said the US was "profoundly safer" with Hussein's capture. Lieberman was, of course, wrong, like he is a lot of the time.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Howard Dean is on CNN and notes the strange coincidental harmony between poor Bush ratings and terror alerts. He was, of course, derided for that statement, only to be proved aright again, most notably by today's NY Times article that showed most of the information that hyped the terror alert was old news, to put it nicely.
But what was Holy Joe saying? From Atrios:

DEAN: Every time something happens that's not good for President Bush, he plays his trump card, which is terrorism.

WOODRUFF: Republicans took umbrage, and so did some Democrats.

SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (D), CONNECTICUT: I don't think anybody who has any fairness or is in their right mind would think that the president or the secretary of Homeland Security would raise an alert level and scare people for political reasons.

Maybe you wouldn't Joe, but then again, you still believe President Bush is an honorable man and that the tooth fairy leaves you a shiny new dime under your pillow in exchange for a bicuspid.

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