Computer agony

So I'm scanning some pictures from the hop harvest, and all of a sudden, my scanner/printer software decides to have a shitfit. It's happened before, and through much agony and irritation and a bit of the magic that happens in Microsoft software (in other words, I don't know what the hell happened) it started working again. Until yesterday.

Now lately I've been having problems with spyware, so I decided what the hell--I'll back up my major files and reformat my computer and get a fresh start on everything. And thus far, with the exception of the scanner/printer, everything has worked swimmingly. But the scanner software still doesn't want to install. Six hours now I've been reinstalling software, the accumulated electronic detritus of the last year and a half since my last reformatting, and I'm still not done, and for what? My scanner still doesn't work. Ugh.

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