Committing an Act of Journalism

Some media critics have bemoaned the recent polls that show an ever-growing percentage of people, especially the younger demographic, are getting their news from comedy shows, especially The Daily Show. But as long as Stewart is doing a better job of journalism than the pros, I don't think we have to worry about it.

The clip is the best skewering of the "Swift Boat Veterans for Bush" ad that I've seen on video or in print. Journalists and editors everywhere ought to be ashamed for every giving the Swift Boat Vets a second's worth of airtime when their agenda--and more importantly, their deceit--is so easily proven.

Kenneth Baer at the New Republic thinks Kerry ought to sue the Swift Boat Vets for libel, since they have knowingly spread falsehoods and seem to be doing so with malice--the two prongs of any libel case. Baer notes that there are risks in doing so, political and otherwise, but thinks Kerry ought to take the risk, because to ignore the attacks now could very well lead to further, more crippling attacks during a Kerry presidency.

I'm tempted to agree that Kerry ought to fight back on this and file the suit, but not for Baer's reason. We already know from our experience with the Clintons that the right-wing will literally stoop to anything with utterly no shame, so a libel suit won't slow them down any. The attacks will come, no matter how many libel suits are filed. No, I think Kerry ought to file it because in the event this did get into the courts, discovery would open up the books for the Swift Boat Vets and we'd get to see just who their donors are and how far the vast right-wing conspiracy reaches.

And for one other reason. I just want to see someone hit them back. The right-wing is a bunch of bullies who shrink from actual battles of intellect and principle. It's time they were confronted and someone put a boot in their collective ass.

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