Why do they do it?

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks who take themselves so seriously allow themselves to be mocked by people like Michael Moore or the folks from the greatest show on television--The Daily Show.

I've just finished rewatching the Rob Corrdry piece on John LeBoutellier and the anti-Clinton library, and I can't help but think that LeBoutellier has to be either the most oblivious or most desperate person on earth. I laughed of course, both because LeBoutellier's anti-Clintonism is so simultaneously ridiculous and insane, but shouldn't someone connected to his program have warned him that Corrdry was going to mock him unmercifully and make him look like a moron? I'm glad that these people haven't caught on yet, because it makes for great entertainment.

On a side note, the much blogged about Jon Stewart interview with Wolf Blitzer is finally available on the site, and it's worth watching.

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