Two pieces of interesting news
The first is from the Guardian. That 400K in the mass graves in Iraq we keep hearing about? So far it's closer to 5,000 after searching about a fifth of the sites. Extrapolate that out over the total number of sites, and it looks like Hussein may be responsible for about 25,000 murders, certainly enough to put him on the all-time asshole list.
I've always been of the mind that there was a legitimate humanitarian case to be made for removing Hussein--this administration obviously didn't give enough of a shit about the Iraqis to even attempt making that case, and now it looks like they'd have exaggerated that case if they'd even tried.
Part two is truly good news. The Ohio Secretary of State has halted deployment of the Diebold electronic voting machines for the 2004 elections because they failed to meet security standards. That's a victory for open elections.

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