Senator Boxer replies

Here's the text of her reply to the letter I sent her last night. I'll be honored to vote for her in November, assuming we still have elections.

Thank you for contacting me regarding recent reports about the possibility of postponing this year's federal elections.

To even consider postponing our elections, the most ardent symbol of American democracy, because of threats made by terrorists would be nothing short of allowing fear to rule our country. America is too great and too strong and too brave for that.

If this Administration is so concerned about the possibility of terrorist attacks disrupting U.S. elections, the priority should be how to best defend against those attacks, not how to close polling places.

We need to pass the Rail Security and Port Security bills, both of which passed unanimously out of the Senate Commerce Committee in April. We need to pass my Homeland Defense Act, legislation authorizing grants for our local first responders so they can purchase interoperable communications systems that will allow them to talk to one another in the event of a terrorist attack. And we need to put more federal dollars toward funding these Homeland Security initiatives, including our local first responders.

We are focusing far too many of our resources abroad trying to bring democracy to others while this Administration seems completely at a loss on how to protect us here at home. All we hear about is fear from them and no plan. It is time to stop the fear-mongering and start protecting our people, our homeland, and our democracy here at home.

Again, thank you for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about this or any other issue that is of concern to you.

No squirming around, no bullshit hemming and hawing on an important issue. Barbara Boxer's an example of a Democrat with some spine and some backbone.

Update: you can also see this statement on Senator Boxer's website.

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