Carrying Weapons
Ezra over at
Pandagon makes the point I've been making for years to my friends about concealed carry laws.
I was a bartender in Louisiana when we passed our concealed-carry law, and even though it mandated gun-safety courses and background checks and still restricted guns from places like anywhere that served alcohol or schools, I still never bought into the main argument for them, namely, crime prevention.
The standard line goes something like this: some punk ass perp is going to think twice about robbing Grandma Millie (who's still limping from being Enroned) if there's a chance she's packing and she might blow his sorry ass away.
My argument was always that the perp is going to take his chances 1) because odds are that Grandma Millie isn't packing and 2) even if she is, there's still a good chance the perp can snatch the gun before she can fire it.
I always figured that if you're looking for a way to use a gun as a deterrent, as the ultimate "fuck-off" lever, then you wear it on your hip, out in the open where everyone can see it. While you may still be a target for the occasional perp who figures he can get to your gun before you can, a larger number of perps are going to look for people who aren't packing.
Me? I decided long ago that if someone wants something I'm carrying bad enough to express himself violently, he can have it.

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