Can you give a straight answer Scott McClellan?

From today's press briefing:

Q On Ridge's security warnings, can the President today guarantee Americans that no terrorist attack can upset the U.S. elections this November, that they will go ahead as planned?

What's the smart answer to give here--the politically smart, straightforward answer? How about "Yes--no matter what the terrorists try, we'll have the elections on time and in the manner to which we're accustomed to having them because we're the United States of America by God and that's the best way to prove that we're morally superior to those bastards."

McClellan's answer?
MR. McCLELLAN: Ann, I don't think anyone can make guarantees. But the full intention is to move forward and hold those elections. I don't know specific information related to election day or any other of the high profile events that we have coming up. What we can guarantee to the American people is that we will continue to take strong steps to make sure that we are doing a better job every day of protecting the homeland and enhancing protective measures in certain areas of the country. And we will.

Can't make guarantees? Full intention is to move forward and have those elections?

Look--the question posed to McClellan was a softball right down the middle. It was in the wheelhouse. It was a perfect opportunity to smack one deep into the patriotic heartland and McClellan not only whiffed on it, he missed when it looked like he was trying to bunt his way on (if I may continue to torture the softball metaphor).

I'm not suggesting any conspiracy theory here. I'm personally of the notion that if there's anything that will convince my fellow liberals to drop their gun control stance even temporarily, it will be an attempt to postpone or cancel the November elections. I'm just pointing out that for all the talk by the pundits in December of 2000 when they had the temerity to say that the adults were back in charge, this administration seems to be filled with incompetents from top to bottom.

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