Write your own letter.

Mediamatters.org has a mission for you should you choose to accept it.

David Bossie, nutjob and asshole best known for turning Clinton hating into a cottage industry, has a group--Citizens United--that's buying airtime during Clinton's "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday June 20.

"60 Minutes" airs on CBS--the same CBS that wouldn't run ads for PETA and Moveon.org during the Superbowl because it claimed that they didn't run advocacy ads or ads that dealt with controversial issues of public importance." Well, Bossie's ad will apparently claim that Clinton was responsible for leaving us vulnerable to terrorist attack. That sounds like it deals with a controversial issue of public importance to me.

So write them a letter detaling your irritation with their inconsistency. You can do it here.

Meanwhile, here's my own letter to them:


That's what you are--hypocrites. You say you'll air an ad by Citizens United, a group headed by a confirmed liar who was fired by a Republican congressman for releasing doctored statements during the run up to the Clinton impeachment, even though you said in your refusal to air ads by groups like Moveon.org and PETA that you don't run "advocacy advertising of any kind" or ads that deal with "controversial issues of public importance."

I've had issues with your network before, and I'm tired of your hypocrisy, quite frankly. If you don't want to run advocacy ads at all, fine--it's your business. Just be fair about it.

When you decide to be evenhanded in this manner, then I'll start watching your network again.

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