They're the biggest whores in the world.

Newsmax, that is.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that someone, no doubt in an attempt to piss me off, signed me up for the Newsmax update. They're humorous in their utter ignorance and singlemindedness, and they only spam me a couple of times a day, generally with special offers for health insurance from companies I will now be sure never to purchase from.

But in the last week and a half, the Reagan stuff they've been hawking has just gotten ridiculous. Nothing like cashing in on the death of a man to make a few bucks huh? Here's the list I got today at the bottom of the Left Coast Update:

You can help pass the torch with some wonderful items from the Reagan Collection:

The USS Ronald Reagan navy cap
The Oval Office portrait of Ronald Reagan
The Greatest Speeches of Ronald Reagan coffee-table book
Ronald Reagan's Greatest Laughs audio program
Reagan Country - the portrait President Reagan loved
The USS Ronald Reagan fleece jacket
The Deck of Reagan playing cards - you'll love them
Ronald Reagan presidential coffee mug
...And many more items in NewsMax's Reagan Collection...

Please remember: A portion of sales proceeds from NewsMax's Reagan Collection will be donated to the Navy League to help the USS Ronald Reagan and improve the quality of sailors' lives while deployed. This charity has been supported by President Reagan's son Michael.

Bolding mine.

Only a portion of the proceeds? What percentage of the profits--that's what I want to know. I mean, when Tom Bihn sold their luggage tag tee shirt that so many on the right felt was insulting, they gave all the profits to the Seattle Vet Center to help their Homeless Vet Program. What's wrong with Newsmax?

I guess there's no warmer feeling than making money off the reputation of a dead man.

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