More on contempt for Congress

In the comments below, Cyclopatra notes that Reno was indeed cited for contempt of Congress by the committee although she was never indicted. Another article I read on the Reno incident noted that the threat of a contempt citation is generally used as a lever to get the Executive branch to give up some information it doesn't want to release, and that rarely is it ever followed through on.

That sounds reasonable to me.

But is Ashcroft in danger? Not a chance in hell. Even if the Senate Judiciary committee decided to charge him with contempt, and that's not likely 1) in an election year and 2) with Orrin Hatch still in charge, then Frist would have to allow it to come to the floor of the Senate, and there's a better chance of my selection as the Republican VP nominee than there is of that happening.

On a side note--the trolls have returned, but as long as they keep the comments non-threatening, they'll be allowed to stay. I don't mind dissent--rude behavior is another story altogether.

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