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The emails I get from Newsmax--at least the ones that aren't offering to sell me insurance or let me in on some super deal in the commodities market--are usually just dumb and full of falsities. The one I just got, though, is just ridiculous on so many levels that I felt honor bound to call bullshit publicly. So here are the headlines:

1. Congressional Staffers Sell Reagan Flags on eBay

Is it a fitting tribute to Ronald Reagan's victory of capitalism over communism, or a disgraceful show of disrespect?

Either way, some entrepreneurial congressional staff members didn't wait for the former president's body to get cold before profiteering from the flags that flew over the U.S. Capitol while his coffin lay in the Rotunda.

Bidders on eBay are offering hundreds and thousands of dollars for the historic flags.

"This flag comes with a certificate issued by the Flag Office of the Capitol verifying that the flag was flown June 10, 2004, even as the crowds were paying their last respects to 'Dutch' Reagan," said the Web site's description.

"As a bonus, you will also receive one of the cards given to each person as they leave the Capitol Rotunda. You may have seen these cards being handed out while watching the televised tribute."

Also available are photos and a jar of jellybeans that Reagan reportedly flew with on Air Force One.
Now as I noted here, Newsmax doesn't really have room to talk about selling Reagan memorabilia. Here's a partial list of what they're hawking now and were pushing especially hard during the weeklong Reagasm.

The USS Ronald Reagan navy cap
The Oval Office portrait of Ronald Reagan
The Greatest Speeches of Ronald Reagan coffee-table book
Ronald Reagan's Greatest Laughs audio program
Reagan Country - the portrait President Reagan loved
The USS Ronald Reagan fleece jacket
The Deck of Reagan playing cards - you'll love them
Ronald Reagan presidential coffee mug
...And many more items in NewsMax's Reagan Collection...

What's the matter, Newsmax? Upset that your Washington connections couldn't corner the market for you?

2. Why Mexico's Leader Campaigns in U.S.

Mexican President Vicente Fox can't run for re-election, but he is on the campaign trail ... in the United States.

Fox has been traveling through Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis asking Mexican migrants to vote. Calling them "heroes" because of the $13.3 billion in U.S. dollars they sent back home last year, that country's second-largest source of foreign revenue, Fox is asking his congress to let millions of Mexico's citizens abroad vote for president in 2006.

Under Mexican law, those living in foreign countries must return home to vote. The law Fox proposes would allow them to vote outside the country. Nearly all 10 million of them live in the U.S.

In view of the human tsunami spilling over the border as you read this, many would argue that Mexico's election is not a priority for America.

The real question is how Mexican Americans will be integrated into our society if they are busy voting in a foreign election.

"One citizen, one vote -- it's the basics of democracy," said Fox.

But it's not the basis of the Democrat party in America. How many of these Mexicans in the U.S. will be double dipping? Democrats are already notorious for registering illegal aliens and other foreigners to vote illegally.

If only legal votes were counted, Al Gore could never have claimed to have won the "popular vote" in 2000.

Two simple points to make here. First--is Newsmax suggesting that US citizens living abroad--military personnel and Halliburton employees for instance--shouldn't be allowed to vote in the November elections? Why does Newsmax want to disenfranchise the brave men and women overseas?

Point two: the claim that the Democrats registered illegals and got them to vote illegally is bullshit, and if anyone can come up with independent proof claiming otherwise, I'd like to see it.

3. Bremer Stymies Probe of U.N. Scandal

U.N.We are disappointed to learn from Fox News Channel that L. Paul Bremer, administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority, has not fully cooperated with efforts to unfold the U.N.'s oil-for-food program.

Fox News' Jonathan Hunt has been at the forefront of this story and this week reported that Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., wrote Bremer a letter in May requesting answers to questions about Bremer's handling of the oil-for-food investigation.

Bremer recently responded to that letter and, according to Shays, there are many questions left unanswered.

Hunt says that one reason Bremer might not be helping in the inquiry is the major embarrassment Iraqi documents will offer U.N. officials. Appearing on "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning, Hunt said that one reason for the roadblocks by Bremer was that the U.S. needed U.N. support for the turnover of power to the Iraqis and had no interest in rocking the boat.

Meanwhile, Hunt said that he recently interviewed Paul Volcker, the former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman who is heading the inquiry of the U.N.'s latest scandal. Volcker told Hunt off camera his investigation had already found evidence of massive Iraqi bribery of U.N. officials.

Editor's Note: UN employees expose UN corruption -- Full Details Here.

Assuming this is accurate (and I've no reason to believe it is), who was it again that appointed Bremer? And at whose leisure does Bremer serve? And who is it that has the power to fire his ass if it turns out to be true?

4. Women in Combat: the Risks in Iraq

Pentagon sources tell NewsMax that political correctness continues to rule over sound military practices.

We hear that the shortcomings of women in combat and support roles already have been demonstrated by the story of Pvt. Jessica Lynch, who was tortured and brutally raped by her Iraqi captives.

And then there's Lyndie England, whose sexual antics and use of a leash with Iraqi prisoners set off a wave of embarrassment for the U.S.

The integration of women has been unprecedented, and many units in Iraq no longer even keep separate sleeping quarters for the sexes.

Military sources tell us that the Pentagon worries that terrorists in Iraq are said to be eager to capture a female soldier in Iraq.

Female personnel are said to becoming increasingly vulnerable in Iraq. For example, civilian contractors are no longer willing to undertake truck convoys without heavy military protection or be involved at all.

The task for the convoys has fallen to National Guard units in Iraq, which long ago were integrated with women. The convoys are considered the most risky of assignments -- and new military rules allow women to participate.

I'll just say that any story that continues to push the bullshit line that Jessica Lynch was tortured and raped by her capturers is beneath contempt and leave it at that.

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