Medical update

My sister's stepdaughter is still alive and the prospects still aren't good, but some interesting facts have come to light.

Turns out she was neither drunk nor was she using crystal meth. The doctors and the cops were working with bad information from one of her friends, and misread the blood alcohol test results. There's a very real possibility she was doped with GHB, a date rape drug.

From what my sister tells me, iodine is a main component of GHB, and her stepdaughter has a horrific allergy to iodine, which may, and I emphasize the may here, have been a cause for the reaction she's had.

She has survived the dialysis thus far, but the doctors say that if her liver doesn't begin regeneration in the next 5 days, then it will literally be a matter of time, since even if she could get a liver, she couldn't survive the transplant operation.

The worst part of this is that according to the brain scans, there's little or no damage to her brain function. She has some minor swelling, but that's it. If she pulls through, she'll be physically damaged for life, but reasonably sound mentally. If she pulls through.

What pisses me off most is this. If the doctors are right, and she had a horrible reaction to the GHB, then she's facing--best case scenario--lifelong disability all because some fuckhead decided he wanted to get his rocks off on a helpless woman.

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