I seek the grail

Of beer, that is, and if you're seeking the grail of beer and you live in San Francisco, there's only one place to go: The Anchor Brewing Company.

If you ever do any reading on the world of microbrews, you always come back to Anchor Brewing and Fritz Maytag--and with good reason. When Maytag bought into Anchor Brewing in 1965, the world of small breweries was disappearing, was being overrun with weak, yellow, fizzy beers, the names of which we shall not mention here.

It took Maytag 10 years, but he turned the company around by going back to the old ways of brewing and improving them in his own unique way. (P.S.--I learned all this on the tour. And there's a free tasting at the end of it, too. Beat that!)

But here's the essence of it all--Maytag was instrumental in keeping the old ways of brewing alive in the US, and beer lovers are better for it. Word is that many of the more famous microbrews in the country today got their secrets and techniques from Anchor Brewing, and I wouldn't doubt it for a second.

So here are some pictures of my quest. Enjoy--and sorry for the crappy quality in some of them.

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