Congrats time!

Congrats to Michael Moore! Fahrenheit 9/11 broke the record for highest grossing documentary ever in its first weekend, grossing nearly $22 million while appearing on only 868 theaters. His film was also the highest grossing film of the week, nosing out White Chicks by $2.2 million while appearing in fewer than a third of the theaters, and boasting a per theater average of $25,515 (compared to the $7,190 per theater for the number two film). The big question will be how many more screens Lions Gate can get the film onto, considering the mammoth opening Spiderman 2 is expected to have next week.

Congrats to the Green Party! You nominated David Cobb for President at your convention in Milwaukee, consigning Ralph Nader to the dustbin of Presidential politics. Nader will now likely only have ballot access in the seven states the Reform Party nomination has gotten him, perhaps getting on a couple of others besides, but his effect on the November election will be minimal at best. Can we please stop talking about him now?

Congrats to Zell Miller! You've got a speaking gig at a major party's national convention--the Republican's. Think of it as the last hurrah of a pathetic excuse for a Democrat. Go back to Georgia and fade into the obscurity you so richly deserve.

Congrats to Dick Cheney! Your well-timed f-bomb on the floor of the Senate managed to overshadow the very real news story that your boss was questioned for over an hour by federal investigators on the outing of CIA officer Valerie Plame. Nice way to deflect the attention of the media (not hard, considering they've got the attention span of a 2-month old retriever, but good show just the same).

And last but not least, congrats to the Supreme Court for telling the FCC to do their freaking jobs the right way instead of just giving big media what it wants--and for stopping the new media consolidation rules in the meantime.

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