By their fruits ye shall know them

So Bush wants to be the next Reagan, huh? This ain't the way to start.

The White House rejected calls Monday from Ronald Reagan’s family and others to relax President Bush’s restrictions on stem-cell research in pursuit of potential cures for illnesses.

For all the talk about how natural a politician Bush is and how much of a genius Rove is, this is another example of how it's not necessarily so.

After three years of pandering to his hard-right, conservative Christian base, Bush had a chance to pivot back to the political center and link himself with the most popular Republican president since Ike. And it would cost him nothing.

Do you think that those hard right conservatives wouldn't get a heads-up from Ralph Reed letting them know that whatever Bush did would be largely symbolic in order to get elected? Come on.

But Bush passed on it, deciding to stick it to Nancy. As we used to say back in junior high, "Smooth move, Ex-lax."

On a side note, Frank Rich, as usual, has an incisive look at why no matter how much Bush tries to be like Uncle Ronnie, he'll never measure up.

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