Walking in the woods

Yesterday, Amy and I went for a saunter in the Muir Woods, just north of San Francisco. Here's a sample of what we saw.

Amy's the one in the hole there.

I learned two things.

One. No matter what Dennis Miller said back when he was funny, masturbation is no substitute for exercise, no matter how often you do it. I learned that while traipsing around up and down hills and trails and wondering what a heart attack feels like. Two summers ago, Amy and I spent two weeks hiking through Mesa Verde, Arches and the Grand Canyon. Last summer, we moved ourselves across the country and stopped along the way to visit Mammoth Cave. This year, I was dying after 90 minutes of hiking in the shade of giant redwoods.

Two. No matter how big you think these trees are, no matter how much someone tries to describe their enormity, they're bigger when you see them. These are imagination-bogglingly tall trees. The sequoias are apparently wider, and I am now ready to go see them whenever I get the chance, but these redwoods are monstrous in their height and power. A simple hike through Muir Woods will certainly make you question your significance to the world around you.

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