The transcript is here. Thanks to Change for America for the link.

So because I have the transcript now, I can quote former Senator Kerrey exactly:

I believe, first of all, that we underestimate that this war on terrorism is really a war against radical Islam. Terrorism is a tactic. It's not a war itself.

This is a meme that truly needs to take hold. We need to push it on radio, on television, and throughout the blogosphere. Here's why.

As long as Bush and his people are allowed to frame this as a "war on terror," they can continue to be vague and to avoid having to point to any results. They're counting on that to keep this country in a constant state of war.

The fact is that we are involved in two wars right now--a war in Iraq and a war with al-Qaeda, and on both fronts, we're in bad shape. I think both wars are still winnable, but we're not doing well right now. But the longer the President is able to obfuscate this by calling it a "war on terror," the longer it will be before we can actually focus on getting both jobs done--decimating al-Qaeda and rebuilding Iraq (which I'm starting to think will inevitably wind up as three separate states).

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