One rule for thee, but not for me.

Thanks to Orcinus for making this his top story, and if he isn't on the top of your must-read list, he ought to be.

Kay Grogan of suggests that:

There needs to be a law passed where any person who disrespects the "Office of the Presidency" by making false accusations and spreading deliberate rumors about the president, should be charged with a felony or at the very least a high misdemeanor.

I agree. So who's going to put in jail all those pos's who suggested that the sitting president was guilty of drugrunning through the little town of Mena, Arkansas, or who was guilty of the murder of Vince Foster, or who was guilty of the rape of an underage minority and was the father of the resultant offspring?

But oh no--you only give a shit when it's your guy in power, and therefore in the line of fire.The saddest thing is that the charges you claim are being levelled against your guy, "from being negligent in stopping the 9/11 attacks, to making up fraudulent reasons to go to war in Iraq," are closer to reality than anything than your folks ever levelled against William Jefferson Clinton. The more that defectors from the Bush administration (O'Neill, Clarke) as well as former bootlickers (Woodward) talk about the mood of the administration pre 9/11, the more your guys look like irresponsible asshats who made shit up in order to get good targets to bomb (Rumsfeld). So give me a freaking break before you start spouting your self-righteous crap, won't you please.

On another note (not lighter), a friend of mine has made this his email signature. I encourage everyone to make it their own or at least include it in the bodies of the emails they send for the next couple of months.
Do you have faith that free speech is still legal in America? Are you confident that Carnivore-type sweep filters are not reading your private conversations? Then you won’t mind the following words attached to this email: Bush midnight Mullah United American flight militia monument martyr Muhammad Ali patriot deputy decoy distraction nitrate Omar Sharif Christmas
Qatar Cole wave team camera ammonium anthrax Columbine Koran knees virgins heaven justice Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

That is all.

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