On Dean's demise

Okay, there are undoubtedly one or two of you out there (if I even have that many readers) who are going to say "Brian, why don't you just let this go?" But like Bill Hicks, I have no sense of shelf life.

I clicked on the Columbia Journalism Review link to the left there right before I was going to bed this morning and looky what I found. Now I will admit to only being really interested in the first question and answer, so I'll post it here for you.

Liz Cox Barrett: You spent a fair amount of time reporting on the Howard Dean campaign, before and during the primaries. What happened to his candidacy and was the media involved? And what's your take on the media's treatment of Judith Steinberg Dean?

Alexandra Marks: A lot of factors led to the downfall of the Dean campaign, but the media was very much one of those factors ... Here was a candidate who went from almost nowhere to all over the national stage in a matter of a very few months and I don't think he was accustomed to dealing with the national media. He was not accustomed to the harshness of the judgments and the speed with which judgments are made about individuals. He himself compounded the problem by -- it's pretty clear, he got to dislike the press ... I don't think his campaign responded to the media well.

And of course you have to mention the "I Have a Scream" speech ... as Dean liked to say [to the press], you all played that 673 times in one week ...

Let me let you in on a little secret, Alexandra. I, like thousands of other Dean supporters aren't big fans of the media these days either, mainly because you haven't been doing your damn jobs for so long it's ridiculous. I didn't realize it was the job of a candidate to kiss your asses--you know, I thought it was the position of the news media to be dispassionate purveyors of information. That's the way you like to posture yourselves, after all.

This is the logical conclusion of the news anchor as media star, I suppose--the reporter is more important than the story and must be cajoled and coddled in order to perform at the highest level. Hey, if I become a news anchor, can I have my own trailer complete with finger sandwiches with no crust and Kern's Guava Nectar on ice?

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