Convenient symbols

In an editorial board meeting with the Columbus Dispatch on Thursday, Karl Rove said

he regretted the use of a "Mission Accomplished" banner as a backdrop for the president's landing on an aircraft carrier last May to mark the end of major combat operations in Iraq." (From the AP)

He called it "one of those convenient symbols," convenient, one might assume to the Democratic Party and not so convenient for Rove, considering the current state of affairs in Iraq.

But lest you think that Rove has any real remorse over the war, or even over the presumptious move towards final victory staged for Commander Bunnypants, please don't misunderstand. The fault lies with your press corps.

Rove... echoed Bush's contention that the phrase referred to the carrier's crew completing their 10-month mission, not the military completing its mission in Iraq.

Let's assume, just for shits and giggles, that Rove isn't lying like Limbaugh. One would suspect that the Bush administration would be quick to come out and ensure the press got the right message. They wouldn't want there to be any misunderstanding, right?

They apparently made a stab at it in October of last year to get the story out. Too bad it ran contrary to this White House press release entitled "President Bush Announces Combat Operations in Iraq Have Ended." (Remember, they added the "major" later.)

And Rove is a genius? I suppose I should be happy--at least someone from this administration has expressed regret for something, even if it's in a backhanded, effed up sort of way.

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