Cali slaps Diebold


California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley popped Diebold with a double whammy today. He decertified 14,000 machines completely and decertified machines in 10 other counties, setting 23 conditions that they would have to meet to be recertified. But more importantly, he called for a criminal investigation into Diebold's practices.

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley asked the attorney general’s office to investigate allegations of fraud, saying Diebold had lied to state officials. A spokesman for Attorney General Bill Lockyer said prosecutors would review Shelley’s claims.

Registrars in some of the counties that had already made the switch to paperless ballots and who will be affected by this decision were less than pleased.
Registrars in counties that made the switch to paperless voting said Shelley’s decision to return to paper ballots would result in chaos.

“There just isn’t time to bring this system up before November,” Kern County Registrar Ann Barnett said. “It’s absurd.”

Ms. Barnett, you might want to try calling anyone in Canade who handles elections and ask them for some advice. They don't even have optical scanners and they manage to do okay.

Diebold, of course, said that their machines "are safe, secure and demonstrated 100 percent accuracy in the March election." As Dennis said to King Arthur, "Pull the other one."

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