Shorter David Brooks

"Everyone knows that conservatives are the adults, so to vote against us after a terrorist attack means you're a coward. And Colin Powell sucks."

What pisses me off about this whole line of argument--because you can't call it reasoning--is the arrogance of the "conservative" viewpoint--the idea that only conservatives can be strong in the fight against terrorist groups, and that a vote for any other group is a form of capitulation or appeasement. Seems to me that we've given the conservatives their chance in this fight, and their success has been limited at best. Time to give us a shot at it.

And while I'm at it--has it occurred to anyone--anyone at all--that no one has presented any proof that Al-Qaeda was indeed trying to influence the election in Spain, and if they were, that they got the outcome they were hoping for? Isn't it possible that this attack backfired on them politically?

Bah. Read Krugman instead. He's got it right.

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