Remember the gay marriage poll?

I remember that for me, one of the seminal moments that showed the potential power of the blogosphere was when the AFA, the organization headed up by the Rev. Donald Wildmon, presented a pollfor its members on the subject of gay marriage. Despite the obvious unreliability of internet polls, it was certainly the AFA's intention to present their findings to Congress in support of their desire for a Consitutional amendment banning same-sex unions. It backfired horribly. The last time I saw results, gay marriage and civil unions were winning almost two-to-one.

But that hasn't stopped Wildmon, because lookie what I got in my email box this morning.


You help is requested in gaining the opinion of on-line voters to the
following question. Whom do you favor for the next President of the United
States - John Kerry, George W. Bush, or Ralph Nader?

Go to to express
your opinion.

Cast your vote. Forward to a friend. Help us feel the pulse of America.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association
The current results?
As of 7:35 a.m. EST (I can't freaking believe I'm up this early), the tally was 25,789 for Kerry, 1,023 for Bush and 1,857 for Nader. They've put in a protection against script generated voting, but there's no reason we can't skew these results as badly as we did the the first poll's. Get going y'all!

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