My message to DFA

The top thread on the Dean blog, a place, admittedly, I've been avoiding lately because it brings up painful memories, asked what topics future threads should address. Here's my reply.

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this--I assume others have, so add my name to the list. The most important task we have as a group must be the retaking of the Congress as soon as possible. So what I want to see from the BFA is recommendations for where we can send our (at times) limited funds. Where can we make an impact? Where can we help people get elected who will then owe the progressive voices who helped them in their times of need? What candidates are most like Howard Dean, the person we were inspired by?

We trust you--you've earned our support, financial and otherwise, so help us channel this newfound energy into something profound and long-lasting.

There's been a lot of talk about DFA 2.0 and Change For America, but thus far, very little action. Time to kick this pig, fellas.

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