It has begun!
The new form of the Dean campaign, that is. Just got this letter in the old email box.

The Dean Campaign was a direct challenge to the political status quo in America. It was a campaign to change America in some fundamental ways. It was not a campaign for the fainthearted.

While we did not succeed in winning the nomination, we did succeed in changing the Democratic status quo.

We took on President Bush frontally with regard to the war in Iraq, with respect to the Patriotic Act, and the President's unworkable No Child Left Behind program - and the other leading contenders joined in. We showed backbone as we campaigned and it stiffened the backs of all Democrats.

The Dean campaign succeeded in beginning to change the spirit and direction of the Democratic Party. But we didn't do it alone. There were others who shared our views, our determination, and our commitment to fundamental change.

None was more important that Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL-2). In good times and bad, when we were up and when we were down, he stood with us and worked hard every step of the way. He asked for nothing but an assignment to help us win.

It's important that we continue the fight to change America and the Democratic Party - and financially support those who have joined us and are willing to continue that fight. Now Congressman Jackson confronts his own re-election challenges and we need to help.

If you would like to say "Thank You" to Congressman Jackson for all of his help and support of the Dean Campaign you may do so through his campaign website at Be as generous as you can be, but know that every $10, $25 or $50 contribution counts. I know he'll appreciate it.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

When it became apparent that Dean wouldn't win the nomination, this is what I hoped DFA would turn into--an advocate and a fundraiser for progressive voices in Congress and for those people who want to run for Congress as progressive Democrats. But unlike a presidential campaign that requires tens, if not hundred of millions of dollars, seats for the House of Representatives can be challenged successfully with far fewer funds, and an influx of cash from a progressive group can make a whale of a difference.

So to the three or four of you who read this (and I may be overestimating my audience at that), I'm asking you to throw a couple of bucks Jesse Jr.'s way and add, oh, 14 cents to the end of the donation to show it came from readers of the Incertus weblog. I'm sending mine in right now.

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