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Thanks, Atrios.

This article comes from a magazine that I refuse to read. I didn't like it when they endorsed Joe Lieberman for President, and I don't like that they insist on referring to the magazine as liberal, but this article is a good one.

Thanks to their issue advantage, Democrats have scored repeated guerrilla victories that play directly into Kerry's campaign message. Earlier this month, for instance, Republicans tried to pass a White House-backed bill replacing U.S. export subsidies ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization with big new tax breaks for business. But, as the Post recently put it, "The bill has become a difficult testing ground for Republicans against a Democratic onslaught." GOP leader Bill Frist had to yank the bill after Democrats barraged it with pro-worker amendments and attached an amendment barring federal contractors from outsourcing government jobs abroad (even Frist himself felt compelled to support the amendment). The bill's future prospects don't look much brighter, with Democrats prepared to press amendments on corporate tax shelters, transfers of manufacturing plants overseas, and a Labor Department rule limiting worker overtime-pay rights. All of these are useful Kerry issues.

The fact is that Senate Democrats have finally become an opposition party--that's not to denigrate the efforts of the House Democrats; the Republican majority is larger and that gives DeLay a lot more power--and not a moment too soon. I wish this had happened in 2002, but that was pre-Dean, and pre-"It's okay to say that the President really sucks." So for better or for worse, the Senate Democrats have gotten fired up, and that's a wonderful thing to see. Daschle has done a good job as minority leader in the last couple of months, and the reinvigoration of Ted Kennedy as the liberal standard bearer is heartening, and Dick Durbin is quickly becoming one of my favorite Senators.

They're keeping expectations low, as well they should, but I and many others are increasingly hopeful about the shape the Senate could take come November. And this article from Salon about Barack Obama shows part of the reason why.

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