How could they have missed this?

None of the big time bloggers are on this story, and not only is it on the CNN front page, it was on the front page of my cell phone's CNN home page.

An excerpt, you say? Why certainly:

A woman charged with causing a fatal car crash in 1999 says that she couldn't have been behind the wheel because she was performing a sex act on the driver at the time....

Specyalski claims that Esposito was driving, and she was performing oral sex on him at the time, said her attorney, Jeremiah Donovan. He noted that Esposito's pants were down when he was thrown from the car.

In other news, the apoclaypse will begin in Multnomah county Oregon now, since the dark powers that rule us all decided that if they started it in San Francisco, everyone would just think that it was time for the next party.

And in a move that surely averted a disaster of regal proportions, a parrot that curses and pecks people when angry has been removed from the HMS Lancaster in order to avoid any embarassment when Queen Elizabeth visits the ship. Methinks J-Lo needs to give Her Royal Highness a tip or two on how to be a diva.

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