Thanks to Blog for America for the heads up. From this morning's Meet the Press interview with Governor Howard Dean.

MR. RUSSERT: When I was in Iowa, I read a letter to the editor in The Des Moines Register, which caught my attention. And this is what it says. "Now, I know how Howard Dean gets his exercise while he's on the campaign trail. He drops to his knees to beg `Washington insiders' to endorse him, and then he jumps up to insult them. I'm guessing he does about 20 repetitions of that a day."

From the blog:
A quick Googling reveals that the writer (whose name was in much smaller print than the letter when put on the screen) is the Minnesota State Director for John Kerry who canvassed Iowa for Kerry as far back as October, even spending some time with the Senator himself.

So Mr. Russert--did you really remember that letter from Des Moines or did a campaign person from another campaign drop that little bombshell on you? And if not, why that letter out of the 18 Dean letters printed that day, when a quick glance reveals that there were 8 other negative letters to choose from in the same section? Why did you pick the one that came from a Kerry campaign operative?

By the way, at least from the transcript, Dean rocked. Read it--it's worth the time.

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