One last point to make about this decision on same-sex marriage by Mayor Newsom.

This decision aside, Newsom is a moderate, business-friendly Democrat in the mold of Willie Brown. He had the Big Dog and Al Gore campaigning for him the day before the election against Matt Gonzales.

Could Matt Gonzales, had he won, pulled this off successfully? Maybe, but not without taking a lot more flack for it and having his party dismissed as a result. Gonzales is a Green, and unfortunately, even in California, the Green Party is still a fringe group. Had Gonzales been mayor and tried this, critics could have pointed to it as a stunt by the lunatic fringe and gotten away with it. That's harder to do with Newsom.

Admittedly, we are talking about San Francisco, a city I have come to love in the short time I have lived here, but a city known as "the left wing of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party." In comparison to the nation at large, the political demographic here isn't exactly mainstream. After all, in the last mayoral election, the lone Republican in the race finished 6th behind 4 Democrats and a Green. But the revolution has to start somewhere. Thanks again, Mayor Newsom.

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