Nothing political tonight. Just a couple of personal things.
First, check out my friend's book.
You can buy it here.
Bruce is a hell of a poet and a Stegner fellow here at Stanford, and the only one of the current crop with a book already. I've read it a couple of times, but Amy has it right now, so I can't post a poem (I miss you honey). She's on her way across the country and we will be separated for a couple of months, and it really sucks. Sorry that I'm not more insightful about that moment.
Here's my other friend's book
You can buy it here.
Geoff is also a hell of a poet and a Stegner fellow, and he's also a translator. I haven't read his book yet (Sorry Geoff), but I'm planning on it soon.

And one last note to my daughter, Monkey. I haven't gotten those pictures up yet, because I'm a slacker, but you knew that. I'll get after it later tonight. Love you.
And to brag on her a bit--she's performed in two honor band recitals since the last school year started and has two medals to show for it. I'm quite proud of her. See you folks tomorrow.

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