My sweetie on the Dean Blog

My girlfriend has discovered this knack for getting attention from political types. She's had a letter read on air by Lou Dobbs (image below).

And this time, she's today's guest blogger for the Dean blog. Check out her story. Here's an excerpt.

I still remember the first time I saw Howard Dean: it was at one of the small, hardly watched debates on c-span last summer. He stood up and talked like a normal human being. He didn't "nuance" and he wasn't slimy, like some used car salesman. I remember at one point, the moderator mischaracterized something he said, and Dean corrected him royal. I hit the internet, read all about him: I read all the other candidate's websites too, but I kept coming back to Dean for America. When came up, and I was able to watch Dean's speeches -- I remember one in (I think?) Sacramento that made me well up in tears I was so moved!!! -- I knew I would follow this man anywhere. I'm a student, and I don't have much money, but I sent Dean For America $100. I hadn't even voted in 10 years, but I knew I would vote for this man, and how! I sent money whenever I could, probably around 10% of my income for 2003.

I can personally testify to all of that. We drove across the country last summer, from south Florida, where she is currently, to San Francisco, where I am currently, both of us with rally signs and bumperstickers on our vehicles. Our first meetup was in Santa Fe, where the only people we knew were Amy's brother and his family, and we wrote letters to people in Iowa. We sent money we didn't have to send, because we believed in him, and in the message he was giving to the Democratic party. And this blog is an extension of that motivation that was sparked in me.

Dean's campaign for the presidency may be over, but the spirit he sparked in many of us is still alive. Here's the new call to action.
I believe that every person has the right -- and duty -- to use their vote and voice for whatever candidate they support. I also believe that your greatest power -- and it is a great power, if you use it -- is within the Democratic Party.

I believe that in one week you can send a strong message to the party and media by demonstrating that you are not giving up, and showing how serious you are about taking back the soul of the Democratic Party -- you can, in one week, recruit and identify 100 new Democratic office seekers inspired by Dean.

There are at least three things you can do to help make this happen:

1. Think about running yourself and research local options

2. Call/email at least one person who has impressed you and ask them to run

3. Identify open races at the state/county/congressional district level and share them with your local group and this blog.

Power lies in action.

I can't run yet, because I'm not situated in a community for the long term, but I plan to be as active as I possibly can be, and who knows what will happen once I get a little more permanent. One thing's for certain: I'll never be apathetic about this sort of thing again.

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