Jesse over at Pandagon beat me to this, mainly because he, well, probably reads the business pages while I find them painful and aggravating, and because he's been doing it a lot longer and better than I have.

But here's the article. It's short, so I'll just post it here.

Costco Wholesale Corp. Chairman Jeffrey Brotman and CEO James Sinegal gave $95,000 each in December to a political fund that aims to defeat President Bush in the November election, records filed with the Internal Revenue Service show.

Brotman and Sinegal were among 25 people who gave a combined $7.9 million to the Joint Victory Campaign 2004 fund, which seeks to "change the course of the country away from the Bush administration's radical agenda" and elect "progressive" candidates, according to the fund's Web site.

The loss of 2 million jobs during the Bush administration, the decision to invade Iraq, and cuts in social programs led him to donate to the fund, said Sinegal of the Issaquah-based discount stores.

For those who don't know, Costco and Walmart are on opposite ends of the political and economic spectrum. Costco pays its employees more than Wal-Mart does and yet kicks the ass of the Wal-Mart version of Costco--Sam's Club. While Wal-Mart's motto might as well be "we cut every cost we can to increase our profits no matter who we screw over," Costco's business practices make investors cry and workers happy. They make investors cry because they actually pay a living wage and offer real benefits as compared to the crap that Wal-Mart offers its people. That means that the profits are lower than the absolutely have to be, and Wall Street types don't like that.

So if you just have to have that 6 gallon jar of pickles and you've got a choice between Costco and Sam's Club, you know what to do. And if there's no Costco, then ask yourself if you really need 6 gallons of pickles anyway.

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